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Microsoft Desbanimento de Console por Falhas no Sistema

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acabo de confirmar que consoles que foram banidos por falhas no sistema
estão sendo reanalizados e sendo devolvidos sua liberdade a Live então
se você é um desta lista que não sabe porque seu console foi banido ,
tente reconectar e confirme se seu console foi desbanido segue notícia :

A Guest Post from Stepto Regarding Console Suspensions

The following is a guest post by Stephen Toulouse

Hi everyone, Stephen Toulouse here, "Stepto" on Xbox LIVE and the
weekly Major Nelson Radio podcast. Most of you know me as the head of
the Policy and Enforcement team for Xbox LIVE.

As I have noted
many times on the podcast, the enforcement team exists to help protect
the LIVE experience. One of the ways we do that is to prevent consoles
from accessing the service that are involved in bad behavior such as
cheating, fraud, running unauthorized software on the service, or
playing illegitimate copies of games (to name a few). For the vast
majority of our actions, our team reviews a lot of data, examines the
behavior, and then we take action. In some cases, very rarely, we use
software features on the Xbox itself to help us take action.

Recently, it was brought to our attention that a number of customers had
concerns about the validity of a recent ban of their individual
consoles, which they feel had been triggered inaccurately. In this case,
the bans were related specifically to modded consoles. I take these
claims very seriously, and after an initial investigation we have
confirmed that a handful of banned consoles did in-fact appear to not
have been modified or tampered with. We’re still conducting our review
but the cause appears to be a software issue, not an error on the part
of the enforcement team’s normal actions. It’s very specific and
occurred between August 29 and September 9, affecting a very small
percentage of users.

One of the most serious actions my team
can take is to prevent a console from accessing Xbox LIVE. We make
every effort to be conservative when taking that action. If there is any
doubt that this step was taken incorrectly, we want to address it while
at the same time protecting the service for our customers.

Therefore, while we are still conducting a thorough investigation, the
enforcement team is taking the step of reversing the bans for the tiny
set of impacted consoles in that time period. Again, while it’s an
extremely small percentage of impacted consoles, the good news is that
we know exactly which ones. If you believe you are affected, simply try
to reconnect your console to Xbox LIVE. If it cannot still connect,
that console was not a part of this issue.

Within a few
business days, we will issue the primary account holder on the impacted
console a credit for three months of Xbox LIVE Gold and 1600 Microsoft
points. Since we know exactly who is affected, those customers do not
need to take any action. Everything will be applied automatically. No
keys or tokens to redeem, no other action to be taken.

like to take a moment to personally apologize for the inconvenience this
has almost certainly caused to the affected customers. You have my
assurance that we are investigating how this error occurred and have
since discontinued use of the software that was used. The Xbox LIVE
community is the best out there and we regret the inconvenience this may
have caused for our loyal members.

If you listen to our
podcast (and I know many hundreds of thousands of you do!) you know I
give out my email address in every episode. I read all the email there,
and it’s [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]. Please feel free to give me your feedback. If you feel you have been affected by this situation, be sure to use [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.] so we can get you to the appropriate people to help.

As always, you guys are the reason I come into work every day. Thank
you so much for making Xbox LIVE an amazing community and I look forward
to hearing from you.

– Stephen Toulouse, head of Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement

Xbox 360, Xbox LiveBy Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

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